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Around our Crowded Table, many topics have been discussed, considered, debated, reasoned, and rationalized. From local hotspots to global concerns, we've covered it all! We are excited to bring these conversations to a broader level, with our inaugural event.

May 4, 2023    |    7 p.m.    |    The Ostreum

Our Speakers

Sarah & Beth
"Pantsuit Politics"

Conversations about politics are tough. This is where Sarah and Beth come in. Hosts of the insightful "Pantsuit Politics" podcast, they bring grace and curiosity to what can be a challenging topic among friends. They are truly an inspiration to us with their candid approach! 

Recognized as one of Apple Podcasts Best of 2021, they address the sometimes tender topics of today, with consideration for others as well as honesty and a fresh take on current news. Learn more here.

Our Entertainment

The Secret Sisters

If you've been to a Crowded Table dinner, you definitely know our "secret" music obsession. The Secret Sisters, that is! This amazing duo has moved our hearts with their wonderful harmony and soulful lyrics. 

With songs that touch on sensitive topics, from grief to finding true love, trauma to the joy of motherhood, Laura and Lydia blend their beautiful voices in a way that

truly moves the heart. 

To learn more, visit their site here

Cancer Care.png
A portion of the proceeds from this event benefit Cancer Care Services.
For more information about Cancer Care Services, click here

Our Sponsors

Our location

May 4, 2023
The Ostreum

Expanding on the crowd around our table, we hope to see you at The Ostreum in the heart of

Fort Worth, Texas! See more here

Want to be a more meaningful part of the evening? 

Learn about Sponsorship Opportunities and how you can join us by emailing us here


Our Sponsors

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